House Blend #1 is exactly what it says on the bag, our very first blend.


Flavour Profile


A very clean coffee which is smooth, bright and has a dried fruit sweetness to it, with pleasant citrus notes.




Blended entirely from speciality grade arabica, this coffee contains:


25% Brazilian
25% Colombian
13% Costa Rican
13% Kenyan AA
12% Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
12% PNG


Medium Roast


House Blend #1 is roasted in the UK in small batches to guarantee freshness and flavour. A medium roast enhances its sweet flavour, resulting in a smooth and balanced cup that is perfect any time of the day.


Great Taste Awards Judging table notes


Well balanced, not overly sour. Some good spice and some fruit. Lighter roast than most. Touch more fruit than some. Some hazelnut in the background. Carries milk well.

Suitable for all coffee makers


House Blend #1 makes excellent coffee regardless of which coffee maker you use: espresso machines, drip, filter, pour over, French press, Moka pot, or cold brewer.

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1 kg Bags

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