Simply put, this is great coffee. Really well balanced, light in the cup with a rich hazelnut flavour. Working in London, I’m surrounded by Workshop, Dose, Prufrock etc, all great shops, but this is my go to coffee without a doubt.
Highly recommended and well deserving of it’s awards. Give it a go!
— Tristan Peters
Had these beans recommends to me by a friend and they don’t disappoint. Lovely flavour and aroma, comes out with a lovely crema....I’m not a particularly knowledgeable coffee connoisseur but I know what I like and will be buying these beans plenty more times. They seemed quite expensive at first but you get loads and will last ages. I keep them in a tall vacuum lidded cereal container to keep them as fresh as possible ready to chuck in the grinder.
— A. Buncall Amazon Vine Reviewer
First taste of Hampshire Coffee Co has been a great success, clear character and works well through milk, which is what I prefer. Very well balanced overall. Strong too, comes promptly so nothing other than praise..
— Marco
Obviously everyone’s taste is different & coffee being no exception to this rule I can only attest to my own satisfaction with this product. Beautifully flavored with a deep rich nutty baseline. Simply, great coffee.
— Gerard Croskery